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© 2000 Laura Golden


I have a question
for you, a question, just one:
what are you doin'
what are you doin'
what are you doin'...
way over there ...
all the way over there?

I simply must say
you're simply too far away
brighten the view here
add something new here
specifically you, here
walkin' this way...
imagine you walkin' this way.

Pardon me if I
speak more boldly than you're used to
don't intend to offend your sensibility.
Seems to me this world is
spinning faster than it used to,
I'm so intrigued by possibility
particularly when it comes to you.

Tell me your story
in close proximity, we
may not have a clue in
this dance that we're doin'
but something's been brewin'
and it's time for tea...
how do you take your tea?

The other side of
the room or the planet, my love
whatever the distance there's
always resistance, it's where
I'm big on persistence
yeah, babe
and that's me you hear callin' you.

Things could get so clear
if you just come over here
we could be gazing
aptly rephrasing
Oh, we'd be amazing
and you know it, too ...
I can tell that you do, so --

I have one question ...