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© 2001 Laura Golden



I'll be takin' my cues
from the last hours of summer
as brisk becomes a factor in the air
still easing through the days
and now, as the palette shifts to fire and earth
wrap me warm in deeper sense of worth
as every loss calls to rebirth

I'll be takin' my cues
from maple leaves of October
tumble in a blaze of glory
drop me to my knees
one child kick through the piles of crackle sound
catch my eye, crouch down to the ground
lift me high -- look what I found

I'll be takin' my cues
from the autumn asters
bloom and seed with all their might
in relay with the frost
and here, where come and go can both be told
root me deep, braced for the bitter cold
but bittersweet is mine to hold

...and all the signs of summer gone
finally turn, turn to hear a winter song
I still resist -- but not for long