(at CD Baby)


© 2000 Laura Golden (BMI)


Right about now, one thing is certain
as kindness is flooding your face
you welcome me like an oasis
quite the oasis in this place
you with your copper-colored skin
sweet smell of wood-smoke in your hair
take one look at me
know that I am searching for a place to land...
I am a little lost and looking for a place to land.

I have to say it surprised me
having you read me that way
you told me I don't have to answer
don't have to insist I'm okay
you said, "just stay here for a while
stay beside me while I sleep, I need to sleep
don't worry what it means that you came here
looking for a place to land
I'm not afraid - there's lots of room here
use it for a place to land."

Sometimes the thoughts go unspoken
sometimes they try hard to hide
but I feel the pull of you on my life
like stars, like the moon and the tide
I know that you've been here before
hovering just above the trees
I hope you trust what's in my heart
so that I can offer you the same someday --
someday when I'm the one who's not afraid
and you're looking for a place to land.

Right about now, one wish is present
as I imagine your face
whatever becomes of this alliance
may it always be filled with such grace
you with your oh-so-open arms, me with my tenacity
I thank the clouds, the gods, the breeze
my compass that guides me through confusing days
turned my hand down that gravel driveway
looking for a place to land.

Turned my hand down your gravel driveway
when I was looking for a place to land.