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crocus blooms
life resumes
sunlight stretches into afternoons
I'm so grateful that springtime
has come around again ...

Featured artists: Rick Carter, John Polese, Alan Tarpinian, Jake Peg, Patrice Haan, Tom Bergeron, Ken Sokolov, Camilla Carter, Brian James


Come Around Again - 11 original songs that investigate, appreciate and pay tribute.

Always Something More [listen] [lyrics]

Come Around Again[listen][lyrics]

Tonight [listen] [lyrics]

Mother's Day [lyrics]

Pure Enough Man [lyrics]

Here Come the Blues [lyrics]

If Anyone Can Tell [lyrics]

Lonely is to Lonely [lyrics]

Sometimes You Gotta Fall Down [listen][lyrics]

After All [lyrics]

Venus and the Moon [lyrics]

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You who made me promise
someday I would sing,
you who learned the truth that
winter always turns to spring

Featured artists: Jennifer Scott, René Worst, Lance Haslund, Alan Tarpinian, Michael Golden, David Ouellette, Brian Price, Rich Williams, Robin McGillveray, Hank Shreve


Laura's first CD, Airborne, was released in 2002. Its 11 original songs are full of warmth, humor, and tenderness.

Fishing Around [lyrics]

Airborne [listen] [lyrics]

Braced for the Blues [lyrics]

Matisse is Here [lyrics]

Colors of April [lyrics]

Way Over There [lyrics]

Takin' my Cues [lyrics]

Turning [listen][lyrics]

Everywhere [listen][lyrics]

Astounds Even Me [lyrics]

A Place to Land [lyrics]

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