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© 2000 Laura Golden


I cut some lavender and I put it in my room
but I still smell the space between your
shoulder and your neck, and I
watch the breeze dance the branches in my back yard
but I still feel you lead, with your hand
in the small of my back --
you're everywhere

I walk down by the river, see the sparkle of the sun
warm and bright, like the sound of your laugh, and I
go to the market, buy some nectarines and plums
strong and sweet, like your kiss -- in the dark --
you're everywhere

In every kind of light, every hour of day and night,
every time I turn around, I see you --
I feel you

I wash the dishes and the water pours across my hands
but I feel your hair as it slips through my fingers, and I
push nasturtium seeds down into the soil
but it's the picture of you growing near me that lingers --you're everywhere

In every tender word, every love song I've ever heard, every playful melody, I feel you
I hear you

I search the night sky, Orion shimmers through the haze
but I trace the shape of your cheekbone, your brow, and I imagine the presence of his penetrating gaze
it's not half as strong as your eyes turned my way --
you're everywhere