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© 2000 Laura Golden


We didn't even get started and
I'm already braced for the blues
Didn't even get started and
I'm already braced for the blues
If these are just my demons talkin',
it would be such good news

You said "Come on over here,
come push me down on the sofa, say 'hush'"
You know the things you've been whisperin'
on the phone lately make me blush

So I'm drivin' out to your house,
got a feelin' I'm already too late
Because my mind's been worryin'
and my heart doesn't want to wait

So I pull into your driveway
with my heart poundin' in my ears
And all the sweetness in your eyes
puts me smack up against my fears

Well I get to feelin' lucky
when I'm able to laugh at myself
You know the next question is:
do I get to laugh with someone else?

We have a fine time together and
I like the way we stay in touch
I think this crazy stuff is happenin'
'cause I just like you so much

Well it might seem kinda funny
that this whole thing leaves me feelin' fine
'Cause if the problem is my own,
then the solution is all mine

And we didn't even get started,
I'm already braced for the blues...