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© 2000 Laura Golden


You who were my brother, lover for a while,
just past childhood
told me time & time again we're really meant to be
airborne & free
Me, who couldn't even see my own eyebrows,
so close
and then, there was all the fantasy
borne of loneliness we knew so well

You who showed up at my door one rainy night,
with no warning
three thousand miles, and carryin' a pair of my shoes
and your guitar
sayin', "Hey! I noticed that you left these
by the door in Boston
so I came to see
if you might be needing them."
To this day I don't know
what to say

You who chose to venture down that darkened road
with your shadow
and had the sense to find
a place where you could really be
unafraid (hearts can heal)
Every day for several months the letters came,
and I know how rare it is to witness such renewal --
the castle that you built inside

You who were my brother, lover for a while
you who were my lifetime friend and keeper of a smile
you who were a devil / angel -- no disguise
you who were a sometimes headache / sometimes prize
you who were the dreamer from another age
you who were the carrier of silent rage
you who had a hard time bein' in this world
you who had a knack for flirtin' with the girls
you who let me feel as if I'm not alone
you who let me be a place you could call home
you who made me promise someday I would sing
you who learned the truth that winter turns to spring
you who learned the truth that winter
always turns to spring