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© 2004 Laura Golden


How could I know, after everything,
that I would feel like this?
and how could I know I would find
inside, what I had always missed?

as my dancing, soaring heart reveals
all the ways that precious faith restores and heals
that's how it feels to be right here in this world --
how could I know?

I didn't know just to be myself
might seem like the very best
and I didn't know how I'd feel
that sound resounding inside my chest

as my fingertips and palms embrace
I am grounded by the beauty of this place --
all the grace that holds me well, and in a way
I didn't know

Something undetected
can keep a heart from the source of sweet reprieve
something unexpected can take a long time to believe
but even so, even if I'm the last to know, blessed be.

And now, now that I know,
there's no turning back to the way it was before
and now that I know,
I can make my way to that ever-opening door
anytime I wish for otherwise     (I can be wise)
anytime I'm caught in compromise     (won't compromise)
anytime my doubt obscures the skies     (open my eyes)
I remember what I've seen shining out from our eyes --
my spirit flies -- I am home, after all,
and now I know

I am home, after all, and now I know
this current moves us like a song     (carried along)
far beyond what looks like right or wrong  (places beyond)
may it hone us kind and wise and strong   (making us strong)
bring us each and all to where we can belong --
bring us each and all to where we can belong.